These classes can be scheduled any day during the week and every other Saturday and Sunday. Call the Store at 281-540-1160 for more information and to arrange a class.

Accuracy Class

  A Handgun Accuracy Class that teaches varing techniques to enable a person to become a better shot.  

Tactical Class

  A Tactical Class that teaches how to draw and re-holster properly, various shooting drills, malfunction clearing, and other shooting techniques.  

Room Entry and Movement - $40

  Basic search and safe tactics for moving into and identifying and confronting threats in residential or office settings.   

Entry Tactics I - $60

  Dynamic Room Entry techniques to identify threats and non-threatening individuals and neutralize threats.   

Advanced Entry Tactics * - $80

 Search techniques, dynamic room entry, and personal safety tactics while preparing to confront threats represented by human opponents.  

Family Protection * - $80

 Search techniques, dynamic room entry, personal safety tactics while locating family members in a residential setting and moving those family members to designated safe spaces while preparing to confront threats represented by human opponents.   


* Safety equipment will be required as gunfire may be exchanged with threats.

​See below for information on the weapon and ammunition used.


​Weapons used are converted ​​Glock pistols that CANNOT chamber live rounds.

A product line of small caliber training ammunition, protective gear, and weapon conversion kits manufactured by General Dynamics.

The training ammunition for handguns fires a plastic sabot containing colored marking compound.  The ammunition is considered non-lethal, but protective helmet, throat protection, and groin protection are mandatory.

FX Marking Cartridges provides realism, functioning weapons, washable marking compound, with a pain penalty for tactical errors.​